A86 West Tunnel - A long deep-bore tunnel named the"A86 West Tunnel” is under construction in Versailles, France, and is very similar to the one proposed at the CITYminusTRAFFIC website. Since the A86 West Tunnel is only for autos and light vehicles, it could be and was designed with small (low-cost) diameter. Its 45 mph speed limit further reduced its cost since road & tunnel safety are cheaper to design for and to build-in at lower auto speeds. Like our proposed tunnel, it is also privately financed. Since the tunnel we propose at would only replace existing parkways that are already only for autos & light vehicles, and that all have at most 45 mph speed limits, close comparisons between the two are appropriate.

Allston Initiative - In November (2003), Harvard University formally initiated an extraordinary planning effort called the Allston Initiative. It is a plan to build several new campuses on some 200 acres that Harvard has acquired in Allston and Brighton over many years. (Harvard President Summers' speech about the Allston Initiative).

Road Traffic Technology - The A86 West, is being built to relieve traffic congestion and improve traffic links between the suburbs of Paris. The completion of an outer ring road will greatly relieve pressure on the existing road infrastructure and guarantee moving traffic.

Allston Planning - Expertise and analytical support to help the University develop and implement a vision for an integrated campus in Allston that will be an asset to the community and the City of Boston.

Envisioning Allston - Cooper report's ideas, concepts facilitate Allston planning discussions

Village Technology - Allston Campus, reports the Harvard-Allston Initiative Report...